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Pier & Beam Repair

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Like all things, your pier and beam foundations may require repairs from time to time. Given the importance of your foundation, you must employ the services of a professional service, such as Richmond Foundation Repair Experts. Our contractors employ a magnitude of foundation repair methods to deliver the best results. Want to know more? Continue reading or give us a call using the number at the top of this page!

What is a Pier and Beam Foundation? 

Pier and beam foundations have been around for an incredibly long time – longer than slab on grade foundations. Slab on grade foundations became popular because they are relatively inexpensive when compared to pier and beam foundations. Pier and beam foundations are installed where concerns regarding the type of soil under a structure may shift over time, such as clay-dense soils. Piers are installed into the ground until they hit rock or solid soil and the beams are then installed on top of the piers. The piers will not move, even when the ground lifts or sinks.

How to know if you need Pier and Beam Repairs

A pier and beam foundation, if properly constructed, should last anywhere between fifty and seventy-five years. That said, they are not impervious to wear and damage, and may require repairs from time to time. The signs that you should have a professional foundation repair contractor inspect your pier and beam foundations are similar to that of any other foundation. The most significant sign you will notice is that your foundation is sagging. If this is the case, you should contact us immediately. Other signs include cracking of walls, leaning or misshapen walls, doors and windows getting stuck, cracked or misshapen flooring, or your chimney leaning.

What happens after you call us? 

There are one hundred and one issues that can occur with your pier and beam foundation. We recommend that you contact us to book an inspection of your foundation so that our expert foundation repair experts can ascertain your exact needs and provide you with a free foundation inspection estimate. We will also provide you with a comprehensive plan for the repair of your foundation so that you are aware of not only the issue but the action we will take to remedy it. Most often, pier and beam foundations require new piers to be installed. There are a few options where this is concerned, but most repairs of this nature can be conducted expediently and without too much inconvenience to you or your family.

Why Choose Richmond Foundation Repair Experts? 

Wondering why you should hire Richmond Foundation Repair Experts to work on your foundation? Well, we boast a large team of experienced experts who bring their extensive experience to every job that they work on. We also offer some of the most cost-effective pricing available! If you want to put our pricing to the test (and receive a free foundation repair quote), give us a call!

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