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House Leveling

workers digging beside the house

House leveling is a staple of any foundation repair business. It occurs more often than one would think and requires an experienced contractor to get the job done right. Fortunately for you, you have found the right kind of expert here at Richmond Foundation Repair Experts! If you would like to book a consultation with one of our expert contractors, give us a call using the number above.

What is House Leveling? 

House leveling refers to the repair of a home’s foundation where damage has caused sections of the foundation to sag or become uneven. The repair process of the home’s foundation depends on several factors, including the construction of the foundation, the cause of the issue, and other factors that may come into effect at a later stage. The most common cause of structural issues in foundations is soil erosion, shifting, or settling. Another is exposure to excessive water. If the two issues are combined, issues can manifest quickly. If you notice any of the above issues on your property, you should contact us immediately.

Leveling of houses on slab on grade foundations

Slab on grade refers to a concrete foundation that is poured directly onto a surface. Homes with slab on grade foundations do not have a basement or crawl space. These kinds of foundations are especially susceptible to issues caused by water or soil. They are also susceptible to incredibly high rates of degradation, should issues be present, which makes it imperative that you have the issues addressed by professionals as quickly as possible. Our most common method of leveling a home with a slab on grade foundation includes excavating from the exterior of the home and installing pilings or piers; these can be steel piers, bell bottom piers, or concrete pilings. Other methods include using a chemical substance to fill in the gaps underneath the foundation or mud jacking.

Leveling of houses on pier and beam foundations

Pier on beam refers to a foundation that has been built using piers (structural elements which are installed deep into hard soil or rock) with beams installed onto the piers (generally, either steel or wood) that support the load of the home. These kinds of foundations are generally harder wearing than slab on grade foundations, given that they are less affected by the elements, though this does not mean that they are unaffected by damage or wear. To rectify issues with this kind of foundation, we install pilings underneath the existing piers to provide extra support using rods or braces to reinforce damaged support stations. We can also stabilize the soil underneath the foundation using a chemical mixture. Occasionally, and depending on the kind of bespoke issues at play, we may employ a combination of all of the abovementioned practices.

Why choose Richmond Foundation Repair Experts? 

House leveling is something that we work on, on an almost daily basis. Because of this, we boast all of the tools and materials required to perform the best repair possible. Our team of experts is also fully qualified and trained to use these materials and tools to their maximum potential. When you employ the services of Richmond Foundation Repair Experts, you are assured of the best quality repairs available.

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